In this small but quickly growing industry, collaborations are a privilege and much necessary part of developing skills and techniques. It is an absolutely humbling experience to be able to work with the incredible artists that make up this incredible industry. Here at Venture Glass we never forget how fortunate we are to be able to work so closely with these other artists. Here you will find a collection of collaboration pieces carefully crafted by lead artist at Venture Glass, Mark Picozza, and his fellow artists.
Carved Geode Spoon
Regular price $40.00
Carved Spider Chillum
Regular price $75.00
Heart in a Box carved pendant
Regular price $10.00
Jowdie Colab Can
Regular price $1,000.00
Lofty Colab Recycler
Regular price $1,000.00
Venture Glass x Gibbs Glass Bubble Trap Fume Tube
Sale price $700.00 Regular price $1,000.00 SaleSold Out
Venture Glass x Jowdie Glass Fume Recycler
Regular price $1,300.00 Sold Out
Venture Glass x Jowdie Glass Fumey Tube
Regular price $900.00 Sold Out